A tour on the CB90 with sauna and dinner at Söderarm lighthouse out towards the Sea of ​​Åland.

You can now take a ride in the CB90 with departure from Norrtälje port and through the beautiful archipelago of Norrtälje out to Söderarm lighthouse. You get to experience this amazing facility, relax in the sauna in the old converted bunker and then dine in the lookout tower with stunning views across the sea. The evening ends with a boat ride back to Norrtälje.
We also arrange lunch tours with a guided tour of the lighthouse.
Of course we can pick you up elsewhere if you'd like.



Have your conference or party at Söderarms Lighthouse, An extraordinary experience.


You will be picked up by our CB90 where you want and get an amazing tour between islets and skerries among old defense centers in the beautiful archipelago of Söderarm all the way out to the island Torskär at the outer of Sea of Åland. There have been a conference facility at Söderarm since 1999 and it is open all year round. You can experience a different conference in piece and quiet with possibility to adventures like eagle and seal safari, waterfowl hunting, kayaking and more. End your conference by relaxing in the sauna and dinner in the lookout tower.

The lighthouse was manned up to 1997 and Torskär is still a military area but no longer a restricted area. The lighthouse is heritage listed because it was built in 1839.


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